A question in everyone's mind is will we need to continue wearing a disposable face mask after the new vaccine is received? The initial reports are that the Covid-19 vaccine is nearly 90% - 95% effective which is based on trial data. This is going to be a huge step in bringing down and eventually stopping this virus. The vaccine will be administered to front line workers and the elderly first, this is where it is most needed.

Back to the masks - our recommendation is that face masks should be worn until the government lifts restrictions, even if you have received the vaccine. There is not enough data yet to show otherwise. Remember wearing a face mask is your respect for others and by wearing a surgical mask you are showing respect for society as well as further protecting yourself. The government is working hard to facilitate the production of the vaccine and will be administered to as many as possible but with what we have learnt about the coronavirus, it's not over till it's over.

Also worth mentioning that the CDC has recently stated that a bandana, gator, or single layer cloth masks don't provide proper protection. Be sure to wear a face mask that is giving you the proper protection, this is very important. All masks manufactured by Altor Safety come with a certification and have been tested to all the FDA and ASTM standards. Manufacturing the masks in the USA we have full control of our supply chain to insure we are using the best materials at all times. Our family manufactures to keep your family safe!