With the novel coronavirus still effecting many across the planet it is safe to say that wearing a face mask when going out in public or being close to other people will save you money. With increase cases of the virus means the stock market and the economy being affected. Professionals from the CDC and other major government agencies have confirmed that the best way to stop the spread and bring the virus under control is to simply wear a disposable face mask - period.

In business the biggest challenges with this virus in the business world and working from home is it is inoculation teams, slowing down momentum with teamwork, and many more things. Many companies have been reported to have slowed growth or even loss which can lead to layoffs and closure. Be one person who can fight this by wearing your mask faithfully.

Even with the vaccine being so close to being released and being made available for the public it is so important to stay safe and keep your family protected with use of a face mask. Our TAA and Berry Compliant disposable facemask made here in the USA is made with the highest quality and comes with a full guarantee of your satisfaction. By our manufacturing process we bring 28 manufacturing jobs back to the USA which proves our mission of bring Personal Protective Equipment - PPE back to the USA is working! We have custom sourced material in the USA to support our local economy.

In summary we encourage you to think safe in these fall months by wearing a face mask even when it seems uncomfortable to protect yourself and others. Our new slogan is our family manufactures to keep your family safe.

If you think wearing a face mask is a small thing and won't make much of a difference - try sleeping with a mosquito! Small things matter and can make a huge difference, join the movement and do your part! Always remember wearing a disposable face mask that is made in the USA, saves money and supports the economy here in America.