A good quality mask won’t stop you from getting the virus, but it will prevent you from contributing to the germ pool, which is huge in getting the nation back to “normal”. A homemade two-layer cotton mask filters out about 35% of small particles, so they offer personal protection to the wearer. However, the effectiveness of a homemade cloth face mask largely depends upon its construction.

Gator mask can be used as mouth and nose coverings and may protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, many gators are made of synthetic fabric, and the synthetic fabric doesn’t seem to be as effective in reducing the spread of small particles as natural fibers, such as cotton. Surgical masks are primarily intended to stop droplets, sprays and splatters, and studies have shown that diligently wearing surgical masks in public areas can significantly reduce the spread of respiratory infection. To protect yourself from the virus, buy from the surgical mask manufacturer USA.