A typical mask used to cover the mouth and nose to prevent body fluid transmission from the wearer to others is a 3 layer surgical mask. It also decreases the chances of spreading the wearer's contagious liquid droplets while coughing and sneezing. So, buy 3 Layer Face Mask Wholesale from a reliable supplier.

How is surgical mask effective for a coronavirus-like disease?

There are three layers of a surgical mask that prevent bacteria's entry, thereby preventing airborne diseases such as seasonal flu or other viral diseases such as coronavirus.

The several layers of this mask offer defense against contaminants and toxins. The mask's two outer layers are made of thick mesh that filters dust, bacteria, and viruses effectively. In contrast, the inner layer is made of polyester-cotton that is flexible on the skin, making it easier to wear for longer periods of time. The elastic ear straps make sure the mask does not slip off, removing the need to repeatedly put your hands to your face. This mask has a filtration efficiency of particles of 95 per cent, making it an ideal option. The use of soft and comfortable layers means that there is no trouble in breathing when the mask is on.

Choose to buy 3 Layer Face Mask Wholesale which protects the wearer's nose and mouth, offering a general physical shield to protect the wearer from the air and environment. To help ensure a safe and supportive fit against your face, it has an adjustable wire nose piece and elastic ear loops. In addition to social distancing, it is suggested to use a well-fitting face mask while out in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Listed are some features that these masks provide:

  • Breathing easily
  • Premium quality& 3-layer security
  • Crimping seamlessly
  • One size for all suits
  • Adjustable nose bridge

Several parameters, such as application, mask type, level of security required should be taken into consideration when selecting a mask.

Type of mask: "Surgical" masks and "respirators" are the two primary types of masks. They have different features, requirements, and goals. The main thing to bear in mind is that surgical masks only protect against infectious agents that can be transmitted through "droplets." In contrast, protective masks or respirators also protect against infectious agents' inhalation that can be transmitted through "airborne" routes.

The level of safety required: In various countries, each of these masks is subject to different requirements and regulations. There are various groups of devices under these norms to assess the degree of security.

Disposable or reusable: Surgical masks are only available as disposable masks. Respirators can be durable. In the case of respirators, once the filter is full, it is possible to replace it.

Look to buy 3 Layer Face Mask Wholesale, with a high yarn count, made from easy-to-wash and tightly woven fabrics. Bonus points, especially for the outer layer, if the fabric has an antimicrobial or water repellent finish. When the mask has a pocket for a disposable filter, it is also useful.