Over the holidays it is important to remember to wear the proper PPE when shopping like a disposable face mask. As we come into the holiday season it is a time to be with the family and fully enjoy the season. We have been reminded that is is important not to let our guard down as the virus could spread quickly.

So when you are out shopping always be on your guard. We all know online shopping has become much popular so use this option whenever possible but online can't replace the shopping experience. Many stores have put out floor markers and displays so that shoppers can practice social distancing. Wearing a face mask not only keeps you safe but everyone around. We heard an interesting quote the other day "I wear a facemask because I respect you and want to keep you safe. You wear a mask to keep me safe. If we both wear a mask we are showing respect for one another".

Let's all respect each other and wear a mask (it's one simple ask)!

The CDC is continually publishing new guidelines on was to keep you and the family safe, refer to their directory for the latest tips.

Keep safe when shopping for the holidays or simply going out to get some groceries.