Back Ground: On January 11, 2021 Governor Cuomo Outlined the 2021 Agenda: Reimagine | Rebuild | Renew, included in that was the Passing the Medical Supplies Act: The United States was ill-prepared fora global pandemic when it came to our shores in 2020. At the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, New York State, along with the rest of the country, faced a severe shortage of basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), leaving our frontline health care professionals vulnerable to contracting the disease that we so desperately needed them to fight. To ensure that hospitals had the supplies needed to protect their patients and workers, New York was forced to compete with other countries — and even states — to secure critical products from overseas. To promote domestic manufacturing of critical medical equipment and to reduce dependency on overseas products, Medical Supplies Act to prioritizes buying American made PPE and medical supplies. As the Buy American Act, made permanent last year, did for American made structural iron and steel, this new policy will help create and retain local jobs while ensuring the health and dependability of a crucial sector for years to come.

A summary of the Legislation:

• Notwithstanding any other provisions, ALL contracts over $50,000 in value made and awarded by an department or agency of the state for purchase of Personal Protective Equipment or Medical Supplies shall require that the items be made in whole or substantial part in the USA.

• Personal Protective Equipment means all equipment worn to minimize exposure to medical hazards; including Gloves, Masks, Face Shields, Eye Protection, Respirators, Medical Hair & Shoe coverings, Disposable Gowns and Aprons

• Medical Supplies means materials necessary to respond to Health Emergencies or Pandemics, including ventilators, Medical Test Units, and Vaccines

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