Recent articles and studies have found that wearing a disposable face mask has halved the COVID-19 infections, this proves the #MaskUpAmerica campaign is working. A quality tested 3ply disposable mask is the only way to fight and remove this infection.

This mandate which forces people to wear a surgical face mask has had a significant impact on stopping the rapid spread of the coronavirus, a recent study shows that the infections have almost been cut in half. Researches from Canada's Simon Fraser University claim the "up to 46 percent average reduction" in new cases since the first week face masks where mandated. The different areas that have enforced wearing a medical mask have seen a average weekly reduction of 25 to 30 percent in newly infected cases - this is huge! With Canada having such a strict policy on wearing a facemask they have truly seen the benefits.

An important note from the study was that "A face mask mandate may not be effective in practice if it fails to increase the prevalence of mask-wearing compliance or if it leads to increase contacts due to the a sense of security". As always we need to remember wearing a disposable face mask is important but social distancing and hand washing is also very important to keep us all safe.

Each day we have the power to make the decision to protect ourselves against harmful viruses and the simple tool of a face mask can make all the difference. We take pride in the fact that we are leading the fight to bring manufacturing back to the USA and providing jobs to restore our economy but the most important thing is our families will remain protected by a solid supply chain of PPE products here in America.

Decide each day to made a difference and show a good example by wearing a American Made Disposable Face Mask - you just can't go wrong!