If you wear glasses when wearing a face mask I'm sure you are aware of the fog up issue. When wearing a face mask with glasses the fogging up issue can not only be an inconvenience but may at some times be a safety hazard.

The moisture from your breath can cause a fog or moisture build up on your glasses when wearing a disposable face mask when you are out in public. The first reaction to fix this problem might be just to switch to contacts but we all know that costs money and sometimes isn't always an options.

We recommend starting with a disposable face mask that has a metal nose clip, so prior to masking a purchase of a facemask be sure to confirm the mask has a nose clip that can be formed snuggly around your nose. Often you will find cheap quality disposable masks made in foreign countries will be made with a plastic material that can't be bent to fit your nose. When the nose wire on a face mask can't be bent to fit your nose properly this cause the main issue with glasses fogging up.

Our solution is to purchase a 3ply Disposable Masks that is manufactured in the USA with a metal insert nose clip. Once you put the mask on, refer to our recent blog about wearing a disposable face mask for instructions on how to put on and wear a face masks, you will need to form the nose clip to tightly fit your face. In some cases where someone will be running or moving around a lot we recommend getting a 4" piece of tape and sealing the face mask to your nose, this will prevent the mask from moving away from your face.

Remember wearing a face mask is keeping us all safe and next time you see someone wearing a face mask and glasses go up to them and give them an elbow pump and say good work wearing your mask, you must have read Altor Safety's blog on how to wear a face masks when wearing glasses. What's life without a bit of fun! Enjoy and remember to keep you and your family safe by following the CDC guidelines which include social distancing and wearing an American made Disposable Face Mask!