Altor Safety is announcing the release of our custom packaged and individually packed masks. With the investment of a custom packaging machine designed for face masks we can can custom pack any number of masks up to 20 masks with our branding or your custom branding on the package. The individual face mask packing machine also lets us add a thank you card or post card into the packaging.

Your custom branding can either be added to the outside of the package by a sticker or inside the package as shown below:

Individual packed disposable face masks can be good in many situations. Next time you walk into the bank or Costco and someone hands you a disposable facemask wrapped in a nice clear bag that you know is clean and not contaminated - wouldn't that be nice! We would encourage all companies that are handing out masks to employees or customers to consider ordering individually packed masks so you know they are clean and free of germs.

Another option you have is to give an employee a pack of 5 masks at the beginning of the week so they have an adequate supply each week. This can be seen as a generous gift towards keeping the workforce safe through these challenging times. A five pack of masks is also good to keep in the car for the times you forget a mask and use them as a back up plan. How many times have you got to the store and said...darn...I forgot my mask - then that light bulb goes off in your head that you have thought ahead and have a nice pack of Altor 3ply Disposable Face Masks waiting for you in your glove box!

We have streamlined the custom packaging process to bring you the highest quality product at a very affordable price. Keep Altor Safety in mind for all your face mask needs through these times and in the future. Remember to keep yourself and your family safe at all times!

Our Family Manufactures to keep your Family Safe!