New research suggests that face masks are helping to reduce the transmission of the virus, some masks are more protective than others it's proving beneficial to wear a mask when in public! As face protection emerges as the solution and weapon to fight this coronavirus the evidence is becoming more and more obvious that wearing a mask is the way to go.

The CDC released a statement that there are new studies that show wearing a mask helps reduce transmission of the disease. Dr. Redfield, CDC says that the universal use of surgical masks to help reduce rates of confirmed coronavirus infections among health care workers at the Mass General Brigham health care system in Massachusets. Amid debates over wearing surgical or cloth facemasks, the evidence is clear.

There are several states that still mandate the use of masks in public places, but it is our recommendation to use precaution wherever you are, especially in public places, crowded places, or around older people.

Experts do caution that widespread masking doesn't eliminate the need to follow other recommendations like proper hand washing and social distancing. With the current shortage of N95 masks, it is recommended to use a Surgical Disposable Mask which offers high BFE ratings to protect yourself. Face shields are good but don't sure as proper protection when in close range with other people, the protection a facemask offers is far superior.

Protect yourself and loves ones always! Use a mask made in the USA that has proper testing so you know you are being kept safe!