As many of us head back to work the CDC has issued some new guidance on the importance of wearing a face mask when traveling on public transit. CDC has said anyone traveling by air, sea, and land both travelers and crew must wear a facemask to stop the spread.

As the virus now nearly infects close to 50 Million persons it is a stark reminder that wearing a surgical 3ply disposable mask when in public or on public transit is so important. When entering a bus or train you have no idea who has been aboard in the last 14 days so it is important to have a heightened level of awareness to keep you and your loved ones safe. Be sure not to touch your face when in these areas as something you may have touched can easily spread to your face and be transmitted through your nose or eyes. Bringing a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you is a great idea and should be used when and after you are on public transport. We know the authorities try their best to disinfect areas as much as possible but it is up to you to make sure you maintain your personal protection and safety. It has been good to see the government respond with such measures to keep us all safe.

When on public transport you are always in close contact with others and you have no way of knowing when they have been intouch with someone that may be infected or actually have an illness themselves. Whereas it can be hot and stuffy wearing a disposable face mask, it is important not to let down your guard. Given how interconnected our transport system is locally and across the nation transmission can happen very quickly so make sure you wear a mask at all times and remind others to if you see someone not being protected by a facemask.

As you travel you see people wearing bandanas and other creative face coverings - the CDC strongly recommends that appropriate masks be worn by all when traveling. We manufacturer Surgical Face Masks here in USA that have ratings and are tested to ensure your are fully protected against harmful exposure.

So in wrapping up make sure that your whole family down to the age of 2 years old is wearing a ASTM rated 3ply disposable face mask at all times when traveling abroad or even just locally. Our one simple ask is to wear a mask!