As you drive around these days you see a lot of cars with face masks hanging from the front mirror, is this recommended? We say NO, it's best to keep your mask in a clean place....but let's explain more!

It's great to see all the different masks that everyone is wearing these days from handkerchiefs to an old piece of fabric but in the main, you will find either cloth masks or disposable 3ply masks being worn. When wearing a 3ply mask we recommend only wearing to for one day if you have been out in public for an extended period of time, wearing a face mask over and over again without caring for it or disposing of is not a good idea. If you think about the moisture and bacteria that are building upon the mask will cause you to treat it with care. If the mask is soiled or smells in any way don't wear it again.

Another note on hanging the face mask from your rear-view mirror, on the hot days the air condition can also blast any bacteria that is on the mask around the car - not a good idea!

So common practise for keeping a mask clean to bring a zip lock bag along with you in the car, to safely store it when it's not being used! Always keep an extra box of masks in your car so you have spare or if an unexpected passenger shows up. Also, remember to sanitize your hands after taking your mask off.

As we mask up, we will get beyond this terrible pandemic that has come upon this country! Altor Safety is a manufacture that is here to help by providing high-quality face masks and bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA all at the same time! Support Made in the USA!